Donna Railsback Braly

Donna caught the genealogy bug in Jr. College when the assignment was to write down what you know about your family history. That was 30+ years ago.

She's documented her ancestry for the Daughters of the American Revolution, United Daughters of the Confederacy, First Families of Twin Territories (Oklahoma), and Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865, and also researched for others that had approved applications.

Her favorite genealogy office was Registrar.

After 30+ years of research, she finally tested her DNA and found adopted cousins she didn't know about before, received family pictures she hadn't seen before, and disproved a family lie!

Genealogy Bucket List: SLC, DC, NY

January 5, 2019

11:00 AM - Timelines

Start using an obituary and whatever records you have, birth certificate, marriage certificates, death certificate,, census records, newspapers, school records, city directories... Legacy software (and others, probably) can help you make a timeline or you can create one in Microsoft Word or other programs. When you have gaps in your timeline, what records are you missing? You also need to list their name at the time in the record and note the location. Some women marry more than once, as do some men. Obituaries of the person's siblings may help with their married name (and spouse's name) and locale at the time.

12:30 PM - Podcasts, Webinars, YouTube

Your learning isn't just limited to books, society meetings, Jamboree, conventions and magazines. Have you experienced webinars, watched YouTube videos on genealogy and Podcasts? I'll show you where to find what you're interested in learning about. Podcasts include the Genealogy Guys Podcast and Lisa Louise Cooke. Webinars includes Southern California Genealogical Society and Legacy family tree webinars. You Tube will show you different people that post/speak on genealogy.

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