Barbara Renick

Barbara Renick taught computer genealogy lectures for 29 years locally (mostly at the regional Family History Center which is now the Orange County Family Search Library), for 20 years at national and state genealogy conferences, was a contributing editor for the National Genealogical Society computer magazine for eleven years; authored Genealogy 101: How to Trace Your Family�s History and Heritage sponsored by NGS for their 100th Anniversary; and has served on both the NGS Board of Directors and the Association of Professional Genealogists Board of Directors. She also lectured and taught computer labs at the early RootsTech conferences; then switched to doing webinars toward the end of her career as a professional genealogist. The �Z� Links page at her Web site is popular among genealogists. In 2014 she retired for health reasons and now only lectures occasionally as her health permits.


May 5, 2018

11:00 AM - Genealogy Gotchas (Part I)

In two hours (parts I & II) eighteen "Genealogy Gotchas" will be covered along with technological tools that help you solve these puzzles and problems that plague genealogical research. Topics start with the dangers of database searches and their alphabetized lists then run through word meanings and occupations all the way to legal terms (Do you know what a curtesy is? Was Junior really a Jr.?) and colloquialisms (painters and wood colts abound).


12:30 PM - Genealogy Gotchas (Part II)

Continuation of Part I above.

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