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Volume II - Preface

For King Or Country is an unique collection of genealogical information featuring the ancestors, of some of the members of the Orange County California Genealogical Society, who contributed to America's heritage as King George Loyalists, innocent bystanders, soldiers, or supporters of the American Revolution in other ways.

A basic format was followed but each member compiled and submitted his own ancestor chapters so some are more detailed than others. In order to present a cleaner and more readable text some punctuation of abreviations has been omitted.

The reader will be pleased to find that specific and general sources are given when known, that all the children of each generation are listed as well as the spouses and places of residence, and that many interesting and informative stories are included.

Featured in this volume is another unique collection of maps created and researched by our historian, Zona Gale Forbes. Instead of the areas of military importance (1763 - 1783), the battlefields and event sites have been replaced by other areas of Colonial times. This set of maps shows Indian tribes and territories, colonial roads, military reserves and land companies and includes the sources of information. Artist, Carolyn Rischard Haberman, is responsible for the handsome translation.

Edgar R. Barton and Zona Gale Forbes, compiled the historical sketches dispersed here and there. Facts known by many of the For King or Country ancestors.

In the section, DESCENDANTS AND ANCESTORS, found in the front of the book this time, the OCCGS Member's name and address are listed, the main ancestor's name and also the allied surnames that are featured.

New to this volume, is the Index (in the front) of the Revolutionary War Era Ancestors. A person can tell at a glance which surnames are accented in this publication.

A special word of thanks goes to the following members who made For King or Country a reality. The assistant editors were: Irene Baird, Doris Buys, William Buys, Ben C. Clark, Margaret Clark and Martha Fuller. The fantastic typists included: Doris Buys, Nina Cash, Gladys Dodge and Bernice Lowry. Edgar R. Barton, Billie Le Blanc and Ben c. Clark promoted the sale of Volume I and the advance sale of Volume II.

Everyone will appreciate the index. Thanks go to Trudy Gaddess and Ida Pruitt plus the committee: Elynore Barton, Ruth Betow, B. H. Blanchard, Lillian Blanchard, Evelyn Brunner, Mary Brunner, Doris Buys, William Buys, Nina Cash, Ben C. Clark, Doris Dean, Gladys Dodge, Harold Doud, Anita J. Dow, Martha Fuller, Maurine Jagger, Bernice Lowry, Cecil J. Marks, Sabra Russell, Mary Van Manen, Gloria Vargas, Paul Wilkins, Howard and Ovila Williams.

Inspired by the U.S.A. Bicentennial Celebration and the success of Volume I, the thirty-four members who wrote the one hundred and eight sketches thank the Society officers and members for making For King or Country possible.

Enthusiasm for genealogy continues as we read, write, think, talk, inspire and search. Undoubtedly, the future holds another publication but not necessarily a Volume III!

Maureen Mcclintock Rischard, Editor

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