Orange County California Genealogical Society announces

OCCGS 8th Annual Genealogy BASH 2021
with Michael L. Strauss, AG
Saturday March 6th, 2021
11 am to 4:30 pm PDT

Virtual Seminar includes Four Live Presentations with Q&A and Door Prizes from sponsors

Join Orange County California Genealogical Society ("OCCGS") and genealogy enthusiasts from around the world as OCCGS presents our 8th Annual Genealogy BASH with forensic investigator and research expert Michael L. Strauss, AG.

Session Descriptions

Session 1 - Women's Suffrage: Their Rights, Roles, & Limitations

Life for early American woman was often burdened with setbacks. Limited by society without voting rights and inadequate educational opportunities, and virtually no legal identity, women sought to be equals in society. This lecture focuses on the history of women and the Suffrage Movement from the colonial times to the early twentieth century by covering Women and the Legal System, Women and Crime, as well as Women and Voting Rights.

Session 2 - Reconstructing the Past: Dealing with Military Record Loss

Over time the United States military has lost large numbers of records due to several major fires and catastrophes. Beginning with the War Department Fire in 1800 to the July 1973 fire that ravaged the National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis, Missouri, our government has sought to reconstruct these lost records. Many substitute records are examined that will add depth to your military ancestors' stories.

Session 3 - Influenza: The Twentieth Century's Deadliest Pandemic

With war raging in Europe in 1918, a silent deadly killer traveled with the soldiers from the United States over to the war zones in France. Considered America's deadliest pandemic, the so-called Spanish Flu epidemic killed more American civilians than US soldiers who lost their lives fighting. Many unique genealogical and historical records document our ancestors who died or survived this period of history.

Session 4 - Decoding Secret Societies: Researching your Fraternal Ancestors

Were your ancestors members of the Freemasons? Or did they join the Order of the Eastern Star? Discover the rich history and genealogical material that awaits in membership records, historical research, and photographs of families who may have belonged to one or more of these secret societies.

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