Digitized Cemetery Records

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Information in this Index
Information NOT Included in the Index
Abbreviations Used in the Index
Sorting of the Index
Range of Dates Included in the Index - 1802 to 1978
Dates and Date Calculations
Special Notes for Anaheim Cemetery, Volume 5
Sources of Errors in this Index
Appendix 1: Additional Information for the Cemeteries in the Index
Appendix 2: Cemeteries in Orange County, CA in 2012
Appendix 3: Online Sources for Cemetery Data


Digitization by
Patrick L. Burke
Hal Horrocks
Dennis L. Saunders


This digital index alphabetically lists approximately 14,000 persons buried in eight of the older cemeteries in Orange County, California, namely, Magnolia Memorial Park, St. John’s Lutheran (sections I and II), El Toro, Holy Cross, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Yorba, Anaheim and Santa Ana cemeteries. The user can search for any person’s name directly without regard to which of the eight cemeteries the person is buried in.

This digital index was formed from a six-volume series of publications entitled Tombstone Inscriptions published between 1969 and 1983 by the Orange County California Genealogical Society. Names for one of the volumes, Volume 4, are not yet included in this digital index. Volume 4 is for the Broadway (Clark) Cemetery in Whittier, which is in Los Angeles County rather than Orange County. However, names are alphabetically listed in Volume 4 which is duplicated on this website, and they may be searched for directly.

Each of the six volumes of scanned Tombstone Inscriptions has been posted on this website as a searchable PDF file and may be viewed in its entirety by the researcher by clicking the links at the top-left of this page. Downloading of any of these files to your computer may take several seconds. Please be patient.

The transcriptions of the thousands of tombstone inscriptions and burial records were made by numerous generous volunteers who are listed in the Acknowledgements below. The transcriptions were taken directly from tombstones or from cemetery burial records, typed up, mimeographed, and printed by these volunteers in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The formation of the digital index is a direct result of their efforts over thirty-five years ago to preserve this information for the future.

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Information in this Index

The information in this index includes, where known:

Any personal titles, such as Dr., Rev., Mrs., etc., are listed in the Prefix column. Any suffix such as Sr. or Jr. is shown in the Suffix column. Physicians with a suffix of M.D. are indicated by the title Dr. rather than the suffix M.D.

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Information NOT Included in the Index

This digital index does NOT include any deceased person who died after February 1978. Consult other databases given in the Appendices and other records for deaths after February 1978. This index does not give an exact transcription of all information found on any given tombstone or in a burial record. Hence, the reader is strongly encouraged to view the original transcription volumes as printed by the OCCGS that are duplicated in their entirety on this website as PDF files. Alternatively, one may view the cemetery’s records at the cemetery itself or the tombstone itself to determine what additional information may be available for any given person found in this index. Information indicating which names appear on the same tombstones or adjacent tombstones is largely unrecorded in this index, and the relative geographical positions of tombstones, which may imply family relationships, are not generally evident from this index. To obtain this type of information from the printed volumes, refer to the PDF files of Tombstone Inscriptions on this website or view the printed volumes in the Genealogical Collection at the Huntington Beach Central Library in Huntington Beach, CA (call # G 979.41 Ora 16.26-1 to - 6 );


If you need specific, personal cemetery research done, contact the OCCGS vice president for publications through the contact information on this website under the Research Assistance tab.

Certain types of information in the original publications that are of little or no genealogical value have intentionally been left out of this index, for example, religious verses, common epitaphs (e.g., Rest in Peace), and non-explicit relationships (e.g., Father, Mother, Wife, Brother, etc.). Such labels often do not explicitly indicate “Father” of whom, “Wife” of whom, etc. If an explicit relationship is stated, such as “Wife of John Q. Smith” or “Smith, Susan, Daughter of J. Q. and M. Smith,” that information is included in the Notes field of the index.

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Abbreviations Used in the Index

Abbreviations used in the published Tombstone Inscriptions varied considerably, presumably due to variations in the tombstone inscriptions themselves as well as the numerous people who transcribed and typed up the information. These variations have been standardized to a large extent in this index to improve readability and make it easier to search for all instances of a particular abbreviation, for example, soldiers serving from a given state. Not all abbreviations found on the tombstones are obvious as to their meaning. The reader may need to investigate the meaning of an abbreviation found on an ancestor’s or relative’s tombstone for herself.


MMPCMagnolia Memorial Park CemeteryVolume 1
SJLC-ISt. John’s Lutheran Cemetery, Sec. IVolume 2
SJLC-IISt. John’s Lutheran Cemetery, Sec. IIVolume 2
HCCHoly Cross CemeteryVolume 3
ETCEl Toro CemeteryVolume 3
SJCMCSan Juan Capistrano Mission CemeteryVolume 3
YCYorba CemeteryVolume 3
ACAnaheim CemeteryVolume 5
SACSanta Ana CemeteryVolume 6

Dates: For dates where one or more digits were unreadable, the unreadable digit is replaced by the # symbol.

States: In the Notes and Military Notes fields of this index, the individual states of the United States have been abbreviated with the current, capitalized, two-letter postal codes, for example, CA for California, AR for Arkansas, MN for Minnesota, and IL for Illinois. The full set of these is readily available on the Internet. Foreign country names have been spelled out in full.

Other abbreviations include:

Co.state county or company (military)

Military: No attempt has been made to interpret and standardize all the military abbreviations encountered in the publications. The reader can investigate these for himself. However, the following common ones were standardized to improve readability or minimize space requirements:

GARGrand Army of the Republic
Sp. Am. WarSpanish American War
WWIWorld War I
WWIIWorld War II

Note: If you are specifically searching for a Civil War veteran buried in Orange County, California, be sure to search the Civil War Veterans Project pages on this website as well.

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Sorting of the Index

The index is sorted alphabetically by surname and then given name. It is not currently possible to sort the index by the other headings in the table. However, it is possible to use a browser's Find function (Ctrl-F) to search for specific names, words, and abbreviations that may be in the Notes or Military Notes fields. For example, if you know a wife’s maiden name, you might want to search for it to see if it is included in the Notes under her husband’s surname. Or, if you have a specific date you wish to find, you can search for all instances of the date in the index using the Find function. In some cases, given names and surnames might be reversed in the index and not appear in the index where expected, particularly if the deceased person was Hispanic or Asian. If you think that might be a possibility in your case, use the Find function (Ctrl F) to search for both the given name and the surname.

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Range of Dates Included in the Index - 1802 to 1978

The earliest death date in this index is listed as 1802 in St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery and in the Santa Ana Cemetery, and the latest listed is 1978 in the Santa Ana Cemetery. For interments after February 1978 see Internet sources such as Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/, Interment.net http://www.interment.net/, and the Orange County Cemetery District webpage http://www.occemeterydistrict.com/ or visit or contact the cemeteries in Orange County, California. Contact information is given in the Appendices.

The 1802 death date, and other death dates prior to about 1849, may be in error because the cemeteries included in this index, with the apparent exception of the San Juan Capistrano Mission (established ca. 1776), were apparently not established before 1850. The establishment dates for St. John’s Lutheran and Holy Cross Cemeteries are evidently not known exactly, but it is unlikely their establishment predated 1850.

It is uncertain exactly when the first interments began for any of these cemeteries although the official establishment dates of the cemeteries, where known, give an approximate indication of when burials likely started in any given cemetery. The establishment dates, where known, are noted in a summary table of information for the cemeteries in Appendix 1. However, interments may have begun before the official establishment of any given cemetery, and a transfer of people’s remains from one cemetery to another is always a possibility. The latter occurrence could bring to any cemetery the remains of a person who died well before the founding of the receiving cemetery.

Excluding the San Juan Capistrano Mission cemetery, there are no birth or death dates given for 351 persons currently listed in the index either because the tombstone or cemetery records showed none, or the dates were unreadable. Therefore, it cannot be known with certainty if the deaths of any of these 351 individuals fall outside of the range of 1802 to 1978. However it seems pretty unlikely given the apparent establishment dates for the cemeteries and the ending date of the transcription work which was sometime between 1978 and 1983.

For the older San Juan Capistrano Mission Cemetery, established perhaps as early as 1776, there are 20 deceased individuals whose birth and death dates are not listed. Some of these individuals could, of course, have died and been buried well before 1850. Of the known death dates for the Mission cemetery, however, none predate 1839. Historical accounts of the Mission indicate that many American Indians are buried in unmarked graves in the Mission cemetery and presumably many of those burials would predate 1850. (See the website for the mission for more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_San_Juan_Capistrano.)

Another possible cause for apparent errors in the birth and death dates in the index is that errors in the dates might have arisen at some point during the various steps in acquiring the data and digitizing it. Those potential sources of errors are noted in a section below.

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Dates and Date Calculations

Note: All calculated or estimated birthdates and ages in years at death have a shaded background in the index table.

Because of the importance of birthdates to genealogists for distinguishing between possible ancestors, an effort was made to calculate or estimate a birthdate or at least a birth year where possible for each deceased person listed in the index. Either a full birthdate (month, day, year) was calculated from a death date and the full age at death (years, months, days), or a year of birth was estimated if less complete information was recorded regarding the death date and age at death.

From Tombstones: Where birthdates were given on tombstones, those birthdates are entered in the index as they appear on the tombstones. The source of these birth dates is not known and they might be inaccurate for a variety of reasons. See the discussion under the section, Sources of Error in this Index. If only a birth year and death year are given on a tombstone, the age at death in years only is calculated and entered in the index. In cases where the birth year is not given but can be estimated from a death year and age at death, the simple difference in the age in years and death year is given as the birth year. If the full death date and full death age was recorded, the full birth year is calculated. However, if the full birth and death dates are given, the death age only in years is calculated from the difference in birth and death years. A full death age could be calculated by the reader in these cases using date calculators in genealogy software such as Legacy or those found online.

Burial Records: All of the data given for the Anaheim Cemetery (Volume 5) come from the burial record books of the cemetery rather than tombstones. A portion of the data for Yorba and Holy Cross cemeteries (Volume 3) also come from mortuary records rather than tombstones. In these cases, typically the death date and the burial date are given. The age at death is often given but not as consistently. Often only the death age in years is given, and it seems likely that this age is often estimated by a doctor, coroner, or funeral parlor personnel due to the age being given only as some simple multiple of 5, such as 20, 35, 40, 55 years, etc. In such cases, only the birth year is estimated in the index, and it might be in error by a good many years if the death age is only approximated.

In some cases the death age is difficult to interpret exactly due to either the months or days of the death age being left blank. Blanks have been assumed to mean zero (0) for purpose of calculations for the index. In some cases, no dates are given for either the death date or age at death. In these cases, the burial year is entered as the estimated death year and italicized. In most cases this estimate will be accurate, but it may be off by a year for burials in January of any given year.

In a few cases, the burial date given by the cemetery is for the re-interment of a deceased person, and the death date will have been many months or even several years earlier and might not be stated in the record. In such cases, even the death year cannot be estimated. The full cemetery record given in the PDF file for Anaheim Cemetery on this website will indicate if the burial was a re-interment.

In a few rare cases, an age at death was given that is essentially uninterpretable, such as 52 years, 21 months, 10 days for Jennie Morehead buried in the Santa Ana Cemetery. In a few similar cases, such as one giving the age at death of 49 days, the death age was changed to an estimate—to 1 month, 19 days for purpose of calculations. But depending on the month of death, the length of the months in days will differ.

For cases where a child was still born, the year of birth is given as the death year in the index.

For most entries in the index, the calculated birthdate or birth year will accurate to well within plus or minus five years. This level of accuracy is usually good enough to decide if a person listed is likely to be the ancestor or individual you seek. But the researcher is urged to check the PDF files carefully for deceased individuals of potential interest and make their own estimates or calculations of birth and death dates based on the data given there rather than rely on the dates given in the index.

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Special Notes for Anaheim Cemetery, Volume 5

The entries in the index for the Anaheim Cemetery are from burial records rather than tombstones. As such, more information is often known for individuals buried in Anaheim Cemetery. Some comments regarding the added information are noted here.

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Sources of Errors in this Index

The researcher needs to be aware that there are errors in the information in this index and, therefore, he or she must use some judgment in deciding on the accuracy of the information in the index and in the Tombstone Inscriptions volumes themselves.

If possible, seek other records to corroborate the information found in this index. At the very least, check the original printed version of the OCCGS Tombstone Inscriptions duplicated on this website. The volume number of Tombstone Inscriptions in which any person in this index appears is given in this index. The names are generally alphabetical within any given volume and for any given section, the exception being Volume 5, Anaheim Cemetery. For Volume 5, a volume page number, not the PDF document page number, is also given in the index so that persons can be located by page number. There are two sections in Volume 2 for St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery each alphabetized separately. There are four separate cemeteries in Volume 3 and the Yorba Cemetery and Holy Cross Cemetery data is broken down into both tombstone records and burial records, again each alphabetized separately. In these cases, use the search function (Ctrl-F) for specific names within the volume of interest.

Finally, if possible, view a tombstone and its surroundings yourself to see the actual context of the inscriptions. Seeing which names are on a stone, and which stones are adjacent to the one of interest, may help determine the nature of the relationships between individuals of the same surname or family.

Understanding the source of errors arising in this index will help the researcher to evaluate the accuracy of the information. These sources of errors include:

  1. The processes of taking personal information from a relative or friend of the deceased:
    1. Persons giving the information are not always fully knowledgeable about the deceased, and the official recording the information may not correctly transcribe what he or she hears or reads from the informant.
  2. The carving of the tombstone by a craftsman:
    1. Stone carvers have been known to make mistakes in the inscriptions made on tombstones. These frequently can only be determined by having other records available to compare with the carved information.
  3. The transcribing of the tombstone inscription by field volunteers:
    1. The field volunteers who transcribe the inscriptions of tombstones often find the stones difficult to read due to weathering, plant growth, and vandalism and can, of course, simply make written errors in recording the information.
    2. Burial records also can be difficult to read and mistakes or misinterpretations can be made in transcribing the information found in the record.
    3. Familial relationships can be very difficult to determine based solely on tombstone inscriptions and the geographical placement of tombstones. Genealogists should be cautious about accepting the stated or implied relationships given in this index without viewing the stone(s) themselves and seeking corroborative evidence in other records.
  4. The typing up of inscriptions by volunteers:
    1. The typists who transcribed the inscriptions copied by the field volunteers can, of course, make mistakes in reading the transcriber’s handwriting and in typing up the inscriptions.
  5. The conversion to a digital format by the writer and others:
    1. The process of digitizing the published Tombstone Inscriptions to form this index involved using an optical character recognition (OCR) computer program. These programs, as useful as they are, are prone to misinterpret numbers and letters on the original printed pages, especially if the machine type is poor or the background has spurious marks of any kind. This was the case with numerous pages in the published Tombstone Inscriptions volumes. While an effort was made to correct many of these errors, especially in the dates, there are certainly going to be some, perhaps many, which were missed. The information in the index was NOT compared line for line with the printed Tombstone Inscriptions volumes and, therefore, not all OCR errors will have been caught. The reader should, therefore, be alert for possible index errors suggested by other records they may have for comparison.
    2. Some common OCR errors noted in this work are given here;
      1. The number “8” is often misinterpreted as a “0” or a “3”. Thus, dates such as 1829 and 1888 might be interpreted as 1029 and 1388, two dates clearly not correct for the time period covered by these records. Even a date containing three “8” digits might be interpreted correctly for two of the three digits but not the third. The digit “8” can also be misinterpreted as a “6”, “C”, “E”, or “B”. The dates with letters in them are easily caught, but not necessarily in the cases of a misinterpreted digit. For example, should 1869 in the index be 1889; 1906 be 1908 or 1986; 1802 be 1882? You would need to see the original Tombstone Inscriptions publication or even the tombstone or burial record to be more certain.
      2. Other digits get misinterpreted but somewhat less often, such as “5” for “9”, “1” for “7” and “7 for “1”, “l” (el) or “I” (ei) for “1”,and “4” for “1” and “1” for “4”.
      3. Some capital letters frequently get misinterpreted, particularly “M”, “B” and “W”, and to a lesser extent “F”, “E”, “N”, “H”, “J”, “U”, “G”, “P”, “R” and “Y”. For example, an “M” may be interpreted as a “V”, or an “N”. A “W” can be interpreted as a “U”. “M” or “W” can even be interpreted as two letters, for example “IT” or “IL” for “M” or “IV” for “W”. Some letters are misinterpreted as numbers, such as “7” for “N” and “3” for “B” and, of course, “0” (zero) for “O” (oh).
      4. Some lower case letters or combinations of letters also get misinterpreted, such as “r” for “n” and “n” for “r”; “m” for “rn”; “in” or “ni” for “m”; “o” for “a” or “e”; “v” for “y”; “v” for “w”; and others.

With the sources of error noted above in mind, the genealogist should be wary of accepting the information in the index as completely accurate, especially if other known records are contradictory. Numerical errors may have given rise to some of the more questionable death dates found in these cemeteries of 1850 or earlier, again with the possible exception of those in the Mission cemetery. Where possible, the age at death was calculated from birth and death dates and questionable results, e.g., died at “156” years old, were checked against the printed volumes and the date(s) corrected in most cases. But some dates still appear to have been in error in the printed volumes for reasons not related to use of OCR software.

Errors in the names and text were corrected where obviously wrong, e.g., a given name of “IVarie” for “Marie”, or “Ceorge” for “George”. Surnames and the first given names were checked digitally against German, Hispanic and Anglo name dictionaries and unmatched names were flagged. But this type of analysis was only partially successful because variations in spellings are not always fully accounted for in the name dictionaries. Many of those buried in the Orange County cemeteries are of Germanic, Hispanic, or Asian heritage, and the English-speaking compilers may not have caught even some obvious misspellings of names from other ethnicities.

As all experienced genealogists know, any genealogical data is subject to errors, and the genealogist must be wary of and flexible in interpreting the data.

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Many persons contributed to compiling, typing, mimeographing, and publishing the original OCCGS Tombstone Inscriptions published in 1969 and in the early 1980s. Those people are listed below with many thanks for their extensive efforts to get these records published.

Hal Horrocks, the current (2016) OCCGS president, scanned the six volumes of the Tombstone Inscriptions, and the writer’s ex-colleague and friend Dennis L. Saunders wrote the essential computer code needed to convert the OCR results from the scanned publications to the database format used in the index. His efforts precluded the need to retype the printed and published data into a new database from the original printed publications. OCCGS member Edna Cardinal generously donated her time and talents and transcribed significant portions of the handwritten Volume 5 tombstone inscriptions to a digital format. Finally, Lori Graham, OCCGS Webmaster, skillfully added all the digitized cemetery records, the digitized index, and this text to the OCCGS website.

Volume 1: Magnolia Memorial Park Cemetery

Compiler: Mrs. Marian Peer
Stencils by: Mrs. Verner D. Vale

Volume 2: St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery, Sections I and II

Compilers: Mrs. Anna Hoover, Mrs. Harry O’Hair, and Miss Eunice Vestal
Stencils by: Mrs. Thoren Tolle Meyers

Volume 3: Holy Cross, El Toro, San Juan Capistrano Mission, and Yorba Cemeteries

Compilers: Mrs. Marian Peer, Mrs. Fred Shaw, and Mrs. Dennis Dunivent
Stencils by: Mrs. Ruth Christiansen, Mrs. Sandra Goolsby, and Mrs. Betty Pointer

Volume 4: Broadway (Clark) Cemetery (Whittier, Los Angeles Co., CA)

Compilers: Mary Van Manen, Elaine Thomson Davis, and Madelyn Schweizer Krug
Stencils by: Dorothy Hersey and Phyllis Benson
Mimeographing: Betty Pointer

Note: The digitized version of Volume 4 has been given to the Whittier Area Genealogical Society and is not included in this index as it is located in Los Angeles County, Ca.

Volume 5: Anaheim Cemetery

Record Transcribers:: Geraldine Fowler and Kathleen Trevera
Indexers: Geraldine Fowler and Betty Pointer
Compilers: Betty Pointer and Dorothy Hall

Volume 6: Santa Ana Cemetery

Cemetery researchers: Ethel Shaw, Patricia Bunning, Marjorie Cumberworth, Olive FitzGerald, Trudy Gaddess, Eleanor Halligan, Nettie Hoffer, Donna Lynn, Byrd Martin, Thelma O’Hair, Marian Peer, and Lillian Stanley
Typists: Gene Anderson, Betty Brittingham, Evelyn Brunner, Dorothy Ferrin, Dorothy Hersey, Diane Langmack, Evelyn Chapin, Betty Pointer, Evelyn Ross, Marilyn Solari, Betty Zuliani
Mimeographing: Betty Pointer and L.T. Pointer
Collating & Binding: Gene Anderson and Diane and Bob Riffenburgh
Historical Research: Ethel Shaw and Donna Lynn
Third Vice President: Stan Barnhart

Patrick L. Burke, Historian (2010-2014)
Orange County California Genealogical Society
September 2016

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Appendix 1: Additional Information for the Cemeteries in the Index

Anaheim Cemetery
1400 East Sycamore Street, Anaheim, CA 92805
GNIS Lat, Lon: 335032N, 1175356W
Tele: (714) 535-4928
Internet: http://www.occemeterydistrict.com/section.cfm?id=93
Established: 1866 by German settlers in the area
Interments (2016): ca. 12,000
Size: 16 acres
Owner/Operator: Orange County Cemetery District
Alternate Databases:

El Toro Memorial Park (aka El Toro Cemetery)
25751 Trabuco Road, Lake Forest, CA 92630
GNIS Lat, Lon: 333827N, 1174058W
Tele: (949) 951-8244
Internet: http://www.occemeterydistrict.com/section.cfm?id=94
Established: 1896
Interments (2016): ca. 16,000
Size: 25 acres
Owner/Operator: Orange County Cemetery District
Alternative Databases:

Holy Cross Cemetery
Location: 619 South Euclid, Anaheim, CA 92802
GNIS Lat, Lon: 334925N, 1175633W
Tele: (714) 532-6551
Internet: See https://www.rcbo.org/directory/cemeteries/
Established: 1876; relocated in 1903 to current site
Interments (2016): ca. 250-300
Size: ca. 3.5 acres
Owner/Operator: Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County
Alternative Databases:

Magnolia Memorial Park Cemetery (aka Magnolia Memorial Park & Garden )
Location: 12241 Magnolia Street, Garden Grove, CA 92841
GNIS Lat, Lon: 334704N, 1175835W
Tele: (714) 539-1771
Internet: http://www.magnoliamemorial.org/
Established: 1882
Interments (2016): ca. 4,900
Size: 5.2 acres
Owner/Operator: Garden Grove Friends Church
Alternative Databases:

San Juan Capistrano Mission Cemetery (aka Mission Cemetery)
Location: Rancho Viejo Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
GNIS Lat, Lon: 333014N, 1173922W
Tele: (949) 234-1300 (Mission)
Internet: http://www.missionsjc.com/ (Mission website)
Established: 1781
Interments (2016): ca. 2000; many are unmarked graves
Size: ca. 2 acres
Owner/Operator: Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County
Alternative Databases:

Santa Ana Cemetery (aka Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery)
Location: 1919 E. Santa Clara Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705
GNIS Lat, Lon: 334603N, 1175024W
Tele: (714) 953-2959
Internet: http://www.occemeterydistrict.com/section.cfm?id=92
Established: 1870 as Masonic Cemetery; moved to current location in 1898
Interments (2016): ca. 24,000
Size: 29 acres
Owner/Operator: Orange County Cemetery District
Alternative Databases:
     http://www.santaanahistory.com/civil-war/Cemeteries/Santa_Ana_Cemetery/Santa Ana Master Information/Santa Ana Graves Master List.pdf

St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery (Sections I and II)
Location: 2009 Santa Clara Avenue & 2000 East Fairhaven Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705
GNIS Lat, Lon: 334602N, 1175010W & 334621N, 1175020W
Established: 1890
Interments (2016): ca. 1,200
Size: ca. 1.5 and ca. 2.5 acres (adjacent to Fairhaven Memorial Park & Santa Ana Cemetery)
Alternative Databases:

Yorba Cemetery (aka Historic Yorba Cemetery)
Location: 6749 Parkwood Ct., Yorba Linda, CA 92886 (Woodgate Park)
GNIS Lat, Lon: 335153N, 1174701W
Tele: (714) 973-3190
Internet: http://ocparks.com/historic/cemetery
Established: 1858
Interments (2016): ca. 400
Size: ca. 1 acre
Owner/Operator: Orange County Parks
Alternative Databases:

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Appendix 2: Cemeteries in Orange County, CA in 2012

Anaheim Cemetery, 1400 E. Sycamore Street, Anaheim, CA 92805
Ascension Cemetery, 24754, Trabuco Road, Lake Forest, CA
Catholic Diocese Cemeteries (see online information)
Crystal Cathedral Memorial Gardens, 12141 Lewis, Garden Grove, CA
El Toro Cemetery, 25751 Trabuco Road, Lake Forest, CA
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, St John's Lutheran Cemetery, 154 S. Shaffer St, Orange, CA
Fairhaven Memorial Park, 1702 Fairhaven, Santa Ana, CA
Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 4471 Lincoln, Cypress, CA
Good Shepherd Cemetery, 8301 Talbert, Huntington Beach, CA
Harbor Lawn-Mount Olive Memorial Park, 1625 Gisler, Costa Mesa, CA
Holy Cross Cemetery, 667-683 S. Euclid St., Anaheim, CA
Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, 7845 E Santiago Canyon Rd, Orange, CA
Loma Vista Memorial Park, 701 E. Bastanchury, Fullerton, CA
Masonic Cemetery, 505 N. Sycamore, Santa Ana, CA
Melrose Abbey Cemetery, Anaheim
Melrose Abby Memorial Park, 2303 S. Manchester, Anaheim, CA
Memory Garden Memorial Park, 455 W. Central, Brea, CA
Mission Cemetery, 26801 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Oakdale Memorial Park, 517 N. Main St, Santa Ana, CA
Pacific View Memorial Park, 3500 Pacific View, Costa Mesa, CA
Pacific View Memorial Park, Corona del Mar
Roselawn Gardens of Memory, 17952 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
St John's Lutheran Cemetery, 2009 Santa Clara Ave, Santa Ana, CA, and 16782 Fairhaven, Santa Ana, CA
Westminster Cemetery, 12241 Magnolia St, Garden Grove, CA
Westminster Memorial Park, 14801 Beach Blvd, Westminster, CA
Yorba Cemetery, Esperanza and Fairmont Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA

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Appendix 3: Online Sources for Cemetery Data

California Genealogy and History Archives - Orange County http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cagha/cemeteries/orange-cemeteries.html
FamilySearch - Orange County, California https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Orange_County,_California#Cemeteries
Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/index.html
Interment.net http://www.interment.net/
Orange County GenWeb Cemeteries https://sites.google.com/site/orangecountycaliforniagenweb/home/cemeteries
The Tombstone Transcription Project http://usgwtombstones.org/california/orange.html
The Orange County Cemetery District http://www.occemeterydistrict.com/

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