Orange County California Genealogical Society

Beginning Genealogy Webinar
with Hal Horrocks
Date & Time TBD

Zoom meeting information will be posted here when available.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to get started doing your research
  • Genealogy software
  • Genealogy records
  • How to use the internet
  • Census records
  • How to better educate yourself in family history research
  • Pitfalls and things to look out for
  • Learn to have fun doing your research
  • Learn more about Hal Horrocks

    Orange County California Genealogical Society

    OCCGS February 6th Webinar
    Daniel Earl

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    10:00 am - Welcome & Announcements: Kristi Sexton, OCCGS President

    10:10 am - Becoming a Genealogy N.I.N.J.A.
    All genealogists have hit a brick wall at some point. For new researchers this can be a painful and frustrating experience. Using sound research methodology is the first step in breaking down brick walls. This lecture introduces learners to the NINJA approach to doing genealogical research.

    11:20 am - Timelines: Back to the Future of Your Research!
    Genealogists often get stuck in the gathering phase of genealogical investigation, finding dozens of records about their ancestors without pausing to examine what those documents mean. This lecture provides researchers with a method for places documents in historical context to help them find the story of their family.


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