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OCCGS November 6th Webinar
George G. Morgan

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9:45 am - Welcome & Announcements: Kristi Sexton, OCCGS President

10:00 am - Dissect Obituaries for New Clues
Obituaries are miniature biographies for the deceased. The writers were compelled to compress as much information into a small amount of text. Your job is to carefully analyze the content of the death notice, obituary, and/or funeral notice and look for clues. This lecture presents a methodology for dissecting an obituary, determining what information is provided or inferred, identifying record types that may be available, where those records are located, and how to access them. This method will definitely expand your research!

11:15 am - Principles of Effective Evidence Analysis
With the volume of digitized resources growing exponentially each year, our rapid access to original genealogical records online may flood us with more information than we can handle. It is easy to rush through the evidence examination and analysis processes, increasing the probability that we will miss critical details. It is critical that we take the time to carefully analyze all the evidence content for clues implied or suggested. This lecture discusses the principles of highly effective genealogical evidence analysis and shows examples of capturing all the clues to expand and improve our research.

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Orange County California Genealogical Society

OCCGS December 4th Webinar
Cari A. Taplin, CG

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9:45 am - Welcome & Announcements: Kristi Sexton, OCCGS President

10:00 am - How'd You Find That?!? Tips for Locating Obscure or Hidden Records
Obscure and hidden records are "out there" that can solve tough problems. How do you find them? Hear tips and methods for finding these records.

In this lecture we will take a survey of possible obscure record examples and talk about miscellaneous loose papers and manuscript collections as well as published sources. Local Historical and Genealogical Society Archives can be treasure troves for finding these hidden gems. Another great source for "hidden" records are university and college archives. We will look at ways to find and access those collections.

Time will be spent locating items in digital books including Google Books, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and others, to discover ancestors in digitized collections and reveal previously unknown details.

WorldCat & ArchiveGrid will be demonstrated as well.

11:15 am - Who Lived Next Door? Using the FAN Club in your Research
By researching our ancestors' Friends, Associates and Neighbors (their "FAN club") we can learn a lot more about their lives and break down brick walls that we may have been working on for quite some time. In this lecture, Cari Taplin will explain the FAN club principle or cluster genealogy, as set forth by Elizabeth Shown Mills and adopted by many genealogical researchers. Cari will give several case study examples of how this method of researching can take your research to the next level, place your ancestors in context to the social history surrounding them and give new insights to their lives.

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