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OCCGS June 5th Webinar
Michael Lacopo, DVM

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10:00 am - Welcome & Announcements: Kristi Sexton, OCCGS President

10:10 am - "I Am Poor, Obscure, Plain, and Little." Researching the Invisible Ancestors
If your ancestors had little money, they did not buy and sell land, they did not leave wills or probates, they did not purchase stones for graves. How do you find them? This lecture will show you how!

11:20 am - The Genealogical Proof Standard In Motion: A Case Study
"Genealogical Proof Standard" is the genealogist's buzz phrase of this decade, but what does it mean? How does one critically assess the information they have, and how does one document lead to another? How can we bolster our hunches and hypotheses with DNA analysis? Follow me as we seek to determine the parentage of Eliza Ann Sample through a slew of records, and see if you can determine what "next step" will be the one over the brick wall!


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Orange County California Genealogical Society

OCCGS July 3rd Webinar
Ari Wilkins

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10:00 am - Welcome & Announcements: Kristi Sexton, OCCGS President

10:10 am - Mysterious Relatives
Many researchers encounter mysterious persons living in the household of a relative; or a letter signed by an unknown 'cousin.' As a researcher, it is important to investigate and understand the relationship between these strangers and your person of interest. This lecture will discuss cluster research methodology.

11:20 am - Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck Out of the Library
Time and money are a researcher's most precious commodities. Don't waste valuable library time on ordinary collections and databases when you are sitting on a gold mine of unique resources! Learn to maximize your experience at your local and destination libraries.


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Orange County California Genealogical Society

OCCGS August 7th Webinar
Larry W. Thomas

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10:00 am - Welcome & Announcements: Kristi Sexton, OCCGS President

10:10 am - The Tax Man Cometh
Do not overlook the wealth of information found in the tax records. As Daniel Defoe is credited for saying in a book in 1726, "Things as certain as death and taxes...," we simply cannot avoid them. Up until the early 1900s, people were taxed on their land and other possessions and these can help in the research of your ancestors. We will examine several sets of records from around the U. S. and see what we can learn from them.

11:20 am - Tying History to Your Research
Do you know how to interpret your findings on an ancestor in light of history? Are you looking at what was happening in the area, the country, and the world for the time-period being researched? How often do we hear that a family immigrated from Ireland in the 1830s due to the potato famine which did not start until 1845? We need to examine history very closely so we can better understand our ancestors and how they lived their lives. We will examine several situations you should be aware of that will aid you in telling their story.


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