Blain Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D.

Join Orange County California Genealogical Society (“OCCGS”) and genealogy enthusiasts from around the world as OCCGS presents our First Annual DNA Day with Genetic Genealogist Blaine Bettinger. This Virtual Seminar includes Four Live Presentations with Q&A and Door Prizes.

Session Descriptions

9:15 am - Session 1 Are You Doing Everything to Identify Your DNA Matches?

In this lecture, we will examine numerous ways you can use a match’s profile to identify who they might be.

10:25 am - Session 2 Harnessing the Power of Shared Matching to Break Through Brick Walls

Shared Match groups are clusters of genetic matches. They are formed using either shared DNA segments or shared matching and are a powerful tool for identifying shared ancestry and breaking through brick walls. Since genetic networks are so powerful, the testing companies all provide tools for working with shared matches. In addition, many third-party tools have developed to create and/or explore these genetic networks. Together we will examine the latest developments in this powerful tool and how you can utilize it to further your genealogical research.

12:15 pm - Session 3 The Helen Marley Story

A case study identifying the mother of my adopted great-grandmother, born Helen Marley Johnson. Although no single record identifies her mother, indirect evidence and DNA testing makes the case.

1:25 pm - Session 4 Advanced Chromosome Mapping Using DNA Painter

Chromosome mapping can be a powerful tool for working with unknown matches, among other uses. In this lecture we will go beyond the basis of chromosome mapping. Using the DNA Painter tools, we will examine advanced methodologies such as inferred chromosome mapping (using DNA we DON’T share with a relative to map new segments!). We will also look at some of the non-traditional ways you can use chromosome mapping to learn about your ancestry and generate DNA evidence to test a hypothesis, such as mapping an ancestor using descendants, identifying pile-up regions in your DNA, and working with triangulation groups.

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