Military Veteran's Project


About 15 years ago the Orange County California Genealogical Society started a project to document Civil War Veterans who were buried in Orange County. The results of that project were published on the OCCGS website starting in 2012. The full history behind the Civil War Project can be viewed by selecting “Background” under Civil War. This was a full membership project with countless OCCGS members providing their time and efforts in researching and creating the biographies of the veterans.

While the initial index included those Veterans who were buried in Orange County and some who were cremated, research found several untold stories of Civil War Veterans who had lived and in many cases had died in Orange County but were not buried locally. It seemed fitting that the project be expanded to include these veterans.

The existing Civil War index will be up-dated to include only those Civil War Veterans buried in Orange County and a new index will be created for those Civil War Veterans that were not buried locally with biographies to follow.

In addition to honoring the veterans of the Civil War it seemed appropriate to honor veterans of other conflicts. The initial expansion of the project will cover the War of 1812, Mexican American War, Indian Wars, and Spanish American War. The Indexes have been created and in time will be linked to brief biographies of the those veterans.

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