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Bowers Patterson   1825 VA Oct 1, 1898 SGT Preston's Co 1st Volunteers VA Fairhaven Memorial Park
Crane James   Sep 1827 KY Mar 16, 1905   D 2nd Infantry KY Santa Ana Cemetery
DeLapp John M Feb 6, 1824 MO May 2, 1908 SGT H 1st Volunteer Infantry IL Good Shepherd Cemetery
Ford John P Jan 1824 KY Dec 27, 1904 CORP K 2nd Volunteer Infantry IL Santa Ana Cemetery
Hays/Hayes James C Feb 17, 1835 TN Sep 17, 1900 2nd LT Breedlove's Co 14th Regiment Infantry TN Anaheim Cemetery
Hickmott John   Aug 1, 1824 England Jan 22, 1899 PVT E Mormon Battalion IA Santa Ana Cemetery
Hudson George   Apr 1824 MD Jul 2, 1909 PVT K 3rd Volunteer Infantry IN Santa Ana Cemetery
Jasper William Harris 1819 KY 1900 PVT C Lt. Col L.E. Powell's Battalion Mounted Volunteers MO Santa Ana Cemetery
Kellogg Benjamin Franklin Apr 3, 1822 IL Dec 16,1890 PVT E / Grigsby's Co California Battalion/ California Volunteers CA Anaheim Cemetery
Noel Louis   1820 Canada Apr 27, 1891   C Fremont's Mounted Rifles   Anaheim Cemetery
Salter Horace   Sep 1823 NY Jun 10, 1908 PVT Captain Morgan's Independent Co Mounted Volunteers IA Santa Ana Cemetery
Smith James M 1829   1884 PVT D Bell's Mounted Volunteers TX Fairhaven Memorial Park

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