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Index of Veterans Not Interred in Orange County, California

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Ackerman George Apr 1830 Germany Mar 15, 1904 PVT Union B/H 9th / 43rd INFANTRY IL Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Bachman Amos 1845 IN Nov 2, 1923 PVT Union C 117th INFANTRY IN Dewey County Dewey OK
Badley Edmund C Feb 4, 1843 England Oct 31, 1933 PVT Confederacy A 3rd INFANTRY MS Oak Hill Cemetery Yalobusha MS
Bartling Henry 1839 Germany Nov 6, 1916 PVT Union A 31st INFANTRY MA Atlantic Cemetery Cass IA
Benner Daniel 1844 OH Sep 11, 1919 PVT Union G 135th INFANTRY IL El Paso Cemetery Sedgwcik KS
Brown Alfred Quimby Nov 25, 1844 MI Apr 22, 1933 CORP H 11th INFANTRY MI Memorial Park Cemetery Calhoun MI
Bushong Samuel 1842 IL Jan 17, 1925 PVT Union F 10th INFANTRY IA Oakland Union Cemetery Cloud KS
Butler Spencer Dingley 1838 ME Nov 19, 1908 SEAMAN Union NAVY Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Carkhuff James Henry Feb 6, 1845 PA Apr 22, 1936 PVT Union F 53rd INFANTRY PA Cedar Cemetery Montrose CO
Chandler Charles 1838 ME Nov 13, 1914 SGT Union A 6th INFANTRY IA Angelus Rosedale Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Cleaver Kimber Jul 10, 1837 Canada Jan 7, 1908 SGT Union H 13th INFANTRY IA Pomona Cemetery and Mausoleum Los Angeles CA
Clever John Holtz 1844 Apr 3, 1905 PVT Union L 4th CAVALRY IN Sharon Hill Cemetery Jefferson IN
Cole Almon J Aug 13, 1838 May 29, 1921 CPL Union A 13th INFANTRY WI Riverside Cemetery Floyd IN
Cornell George H 1844 MI Oct 1, 1935 PVT Union F 18th INFANTRY MI CREMATED
Crawford William F 1843 CT Jan 28, 1911 PVT Union G 22nd INFANTRY CT CREMATED
Criley Cyrus 1837 IL Aug 8, 1909 PVT Union A 80th INFANTRY IL Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Culver Henry Franklin 1837 Dec 30, 1921 Union K 1st MOUNTED RIFLES NY CREMATED
Dauser Joseph Feb 4, 1842 Germany Jul 25, 1919 Union I/F 3rd INFANTRY WI Calvary Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Davis Ira W 1834 VT Jun 24, 1914 PVT Union F/S 4th CAVALRY US Oceanview Cemetery San Diego CA
Dealy John Sep 13, 1843 IN Sep 10, 1916 Union I / K 67th / 24th INFANTRY IN Oakwood Cemetery Cass IA
Deck James H Apr 1844 IL Oct 27, 1931 PVT Union B 80th INFANTRY IL Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Delong Francis M Mar 28, 1837 IN Dec 2, 1923 SGT Union H 16th INFANTRY IA Pioneer Memorial San Bernardino CA
Edwards James W 1843 KY Jun 18, 1934 CAPT Union F 14th INFANTRY IN Greenwood Cemetery Harvey KS
Egan Richard 1843 Ireland Feb 10, 1923 Confederacy Blockade Runner Calvary Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Ellit William Henry Nov 11, 1840 KY Sep 13, 1929 PVT Union D 7th REG, MILITIA MO Oak Hill Cemetery Bates MO
Enearl James H Aug 9, 1847 NY Feb 27, 1934 PVT Union G 2nd HEAVY ARTILLERY NY CREMATED
Faust George Andrew Willis Feb 9, 1846 PA Jan 5, 1921 PVT Union C 182nd INFANTRY OH Tulare Cemetry Tulare CA
Glassell William Thornton Jan 15, 1831 VA Dec 1879 CAPT Confederacy NAVYCSS David VA CREMATED
Graves Frank E Jun 1846 NY Sep 1, 1922 PVT Union A 144th INFANTRY NY Bellevue Memorial Park San Bernardino CA
Hall James H Dec 2, 1838 OH Jan 1, 1933 LIEUT Union H 32nd INFANTRY IA Greenlawn Cemetry Seneca OH
Harbour Noah Aug 2, 1847 IA Apr 6, 1923 PVT Union M 9th CAVALRY IA Shaul Cemetery Wapello IA
Harlan Harrison Sr. Feb 12, 1842 IL Jun 3, 1918 PVT Union A 32nd INFANTRY IL Dickinson Cemetery Peoria IL
Hart John May 1831 IN Jun 1, 1915 SGT Union A 16th INFANTRY IL Woodlawn Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Humphrey George 1842 NY Aug 5, 1925 PVT Union 19th LIGHT ARTILLERY NY Unknown
Huntington Sylvester 1843 OH Jan 26, 1918 PVT Union D 29th INFANTRY IA Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Ingersoll Cyrus T Jun 15, 1840 NY Dec 4, 1917 SGT Union E/I/G 44th /140th /5thINFANTRY NY Angelus Rosedale Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Jewett Horace A May 14, 1847 NY Mar 15, 1926 PVT Union E HATCH'S INDP BAT'L CAVALRY MN CREMATED Los Angeles CA
Lawton David W Jul 1842 OH Dec 1, 1902 CPL Union G 7th INFANTRY CA Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
McDonald William Addison 1844 IL Feb 1933 PVT Union 8th CAVALRY IL Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Moorman Henry Franklin 1831 MI Apr 2, 1909 PVT Union A / G Stanton Guards / 10th NY ARTILLERY MI / NY Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Nash Edwin S 1836 NY Jan 22, 1905 PVT Union I 44th INFANTRY NY Oneida Community Cemetery Madison NY
Nash William H 1838 ME Feb 17, 1918 Fifer Union I 26th INFANTRY IA Angelus Rosedale Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Orton Stephen W Jun 2, 1844 NY Jul 4, 1925 PVT Union D / L 13th / 6th HEAVY ARTILLERY NY Oakwood Cemetery Cass IA
Peabody Henry Adams Mar 19, 1837 MI Apr 24, 1915 CAPT Confederacy A 1ST CAVALRY MO CREMATED
Penney Mark A Jul 8, 1838 ME Feb 29, 1928 FIREMAN Union NAVY USS Canandaigua Evergreen Memorial Park & Mausoleum Riverside CA
Semans Thomas J 1843 England Jun 22, 1920 PVT Union A 84th INFANTRY IN Inglewood Park Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Sharp Harwood Sep 27, 1847 England Jun 16, 1928 PVT Union B 26TH VOL INFANTRY IL CREMATED    
Slaysman Charles R 1840 PA Apr 4, 1915 PVT Union H 23rd INFANTRY PA Unknown
Smith James T (Holy Jim) 1843 IN Jan 4, 1934 PVT Union E 73rd INFANTRY IN Oaklawn Cemetery Fayette IA
Stacey Andrew D 1837 MI Jan 6, 1925 PVT Union K 30th INFANTRY WI San Jacinto Valley Cemetery Riverside CA
Starr William Feb 1845 WI Apr 1913 PVT Union K 16th INFANTRY WI Evergreen Memorial Park & Mausoleum Riverside CA
Stutsman Abraham H 1840 IN Mar 17, 1934 PVT Union C 1st CAVALRY IA Inglewood Park Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Swerdfeger Eli N Nov 27, 1817 Canada Nov 25, 1917 Union I 13th INFANTRY KS Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
Thomas Henry G 1845 VT Dec 17, 1930 MUSICIAN Union E 3RD INFANTRY VT CREMATED    
Turner Thomas M 1829 VA Mar 8, 1915 PVT Confederacy A 44TH INFANTRY VA CREMATED    
Wagner Charles Feb 1846 Germany Jul 11, 1920 PVT Union C 15TH VOL INFANTRY MO CREMATED    
Walker Stephen 1830 CT Mar 28, 1830 SURGEON Union B 7th CAVALRY IA Los Angeles National Cemetery Los Angeles CA
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