Saddleback Ancestors II, Rancho Families of Orange County California

Saddleback Ancestors is designed to acquaint the reader with the families of the Spanish, Mexican, and American immigrants who between 1769 and 1869 established themselves on the ranchos at the foot of the mountain “Old Saddleback” in the geographical area later to become Orange County.

Saddleback Ancestors first edition was published in 1969 and has been a significant resource for those interested in the history of Southern California or their own families. The vast amount of records, abstracts, and compilations that became available in the next 29 years inspired the Orange County California Genealogical Society to produce a revised and expanded second edition in 1998.

The research editors compiled records on all Southern California families up to 1850 over a 40 year period. This facilitated reconciliation and correction of discrepancies in primary and secondary sources through 1850. In addition to the records of the missions, churches, censuses, and Easter Duty lists, the editors consulted many books, manuscripts, and early accounts of events.

In the name index, individuals are listed by approximate birthdate to distinguish between several persons of the same or similar names, and alphabetized under the name they commonly used. Also by use of the index, the reader will be able to determine whether a person mentioned in one chapter is indeed the same individual mentioned elsewhere in the book.

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