Genealogy BASH Registration

Registration for the 2019 Genealogy BASH will begin in November. Registration will be open through March 3, 2019.

General Meeting Registration

Registration Forms will be available at the OCCGS General Meetings. Fill out a registration form and turn it in with your check OR pay at the Resource Table with a Credit Card or PayPal.

On-line Registration

Register through the OCCGS Genealogy Shop! Pay by Credit Card or PayPal via PayPal Express Checkout. If you choose to order a lunch you can choose your selection and purchase online.

Mail-in Registration

Mail-in Registration is available for those who prefer to pay by check. Forms will be available at the OCCGS General Meetings and on the OCCGS web site. Please do not mail in a registration form on or after March 3, 2019 as we may not receive it in time to register you.

Registration Fine Print

And we can't forget the Fine Print. If you haven't read the Fine Print on our paper registration forms, please read it here!


Contact OCCGS:

Orange County California Genealogical Society
c/o Huntington Beach Central Library
7111 Talbert Avenue
Huntington Beach, California 92648

(714) 536-5549